The Tournament will be held at Bayshore Landing Marina. ALL TEAMS MUST REMAIN WITHIN A 60-MILE OFFSHORE BOUNDARY.



1. I.G.F.A. rules will apply. All participants should be familiar with these rules and a current copy will be given to each boat at registration.

2. There is no limit on anglers.

3. Six rods are allowed.

4. 130lb. Manufactures stated line Maximum.

5. In order for a fish to count as a legal release, the swivel attaching the leader to the main line must touch the rod tip. If you are using wind-on leaders the splice must touch the rod tip.

6. A picture must be taken of the fish with that day’s designated T-shirt. (Any picture viewable at the dock by the committee. Digital or Polaroid is acceptable.) This must be turned in along with the release card. NO EXCEPTIONS.

7. Anglers must have a current Florida Saltwater Fishing License and swordfish permit. You can access the National Marine Fisheries Services via the web at www.nmfspermits.com or by phone at 888-872-8862.

8. All fish brought to the weigh-in must be at least 60 inches from lower jaw to fork in tail.

9. Fish may NOT be brought in to the boat to be measured. Only fish meeting minimum size may be brought in the boat.

10. Any weighed fish not meeting the length requirements will be penalized 300 points.

11. Only swordfish will be counted.

12. Any legal weighed in swordfish will count one point per pound.

13. An angler may fight a fish until it is lost, released or boated on the first night of fishing. There is no time limit as long as the fish has been reported to the Committee boat prior to “lines out of the water.” The final night of fishing, all release cards must be reported in by Sunday at 4:30 AM. All boated fish must be at the scales by Sunday at 9:00 AM.

14. Any fish that is hooked and called in prior to lines out of the water may be fought until it is caught or lost. Once fish is caught or lost the boat has 2 1/2 hours to return to the dock with boated fish or release cards.

15. There are no early weigh ins.

16. Flagrant rules violations, as deemed by the Committee, will result in disqualification from the Tournament. There will be no refunds as a result of disqualification.

17. Anglers must provide their own camera.



1. All hook ups should be called in as soon as possible. This can be done by VHF on channel 82.

2. All releases must be called in as quickly as possible. Ties will be broken by time of release. You will be given a confirmation number.

3. All boated fish must be called in as quickly as possible.

4. It is the responsibility of each boat to call in their fish. Any fish not called in as released or boated will not count.

5. Due to the fact there is a 60-mile boundary; You may use Sat Phone, Cellular Phone or VHF.  Using relays are acceptable. YOU MUST RECEIVE A CONFIRMATION NUMBER.

6. Your confirmation number must be on your release card.

7. The Angler and the registered Captain must sign all release cards. Other members of the crew may not sign cards.

8. All release cards and accompanying photos must be turned in to the Tournament Committee by 4:30 AM.

9. All boated fish must be brought to the scales at Bayshore Landing Marina IN THE BOAT FROM WHICH THEY WERE CAUGHT. Release cards must be turned in by the boat to the committee.

10. Release cards must contain: Boat name, Angler name, confirmation number, release time, and Captain and Angler signatures. They must be written legibly.

11. The Tournament Committee will settle any protest or discrepancies. Their decision will be final.

12. Winners may be submitted to a polygraph test.

13. Any protests must be in writing to the Committee on the night of fishing no later than 30 minutes after last fish is registered.

14. The Committee Boat will keep official time. This will be used to break any ties.

15. There will be no weather committee. All boats fish at their own risk.



1. All Anglers, Captains, Crew and Guests fish at their own discretion and at their own risk. All participants and guests agree to indemnify and hold harmless The Tournament Committee, Bayshore Landing Marina, Sponsors, Press and their agents and employees from any liability loss or damage including Attorney’s fees they may suffer arising from their participation in this tournament.

2. All Anglers and Captains should attend the Angler’s Meeting and registration on Thursday, September 25 at 6:00 PM. This will be held at Monty’s. Either the Captain or at least one registered Angler must attend; preferably both.

3. It is the responsibility of each boat participating in the tournament to provide their own camera. This must be used for the release photos.


1. This is a boat tournament. Anglers should be registered at sign-in. You may change anglers at anytime. You do not need to notify the Tournament Committee boat of changes. When a fish is caught, you will call in the Angler’s name.

2. There will be no differentiation between professional and amateur.

3. Winners will be determined on overall points accumulated. This is a combination of release points and weighed in fish.

4. Any ties will be broken on the basis of time.

5. Releases will count as 100 points.

6. Weighed fish will count as one point per pound.

7. Junior Anglers may not turn 16 by the day of the angler's meeting. Birth certificates must accompany registration form.



Thursday, September 25

6:00 - 7:00 pm

Anglers Meeting at Monty's Raw Bar. One member from each participating boat must attend.

7:00 - 8:00 pm

Welcome Dinner and Reception.


Friday, September 26

5:00 - 6:30 pm

One member from each boat must pick-up nightly release shirt from the tournament committee located on the dock at Bayshore Landing Marina.

7:00 pm

First night of fishing. Lines in the water


Saturday, September 27

2:00 am

Lines out of the water. Registration of all releases and weigh in opens.

4:30 am

Registration of all releases ends.

5:00 - 6:30 pm

One member from each boat must pick up nightly release shirt from the tournament committee located on the dock at Bayshore Landing Marina.

7:00 pm

Second night of fishing. Lines in the water.


Sunday, September 28

2:00 am

Lines out of the water. Registration of all releases and weigh in opens.

4:30 am

Registration of all releases ends.

9:00 am

Deadline for weigh in.

3:00 pm

Awards Ceremony and luncheon. Live auction and raffle.


All Dates and Times are subject to change.